We regret to inform that the meeting has been cancelled for this year 2020 because of the Covid-19 crisis. The SAPE Council and the Host Committee keep monitoring the global situation in the following months to determine if we could host the meeting in Málaga in 2021.




Welcome to the 10th International Meeting of the Society of Avian Paleontology and Evolution (SAPE) to be held at the University of Málaga (Spain).

The meeting is open to paleontologist, ornithologist and anyone with a general interest in bird evolution. Birds are excellent models for addressing a wide range of scientific questions, hence we encourage students and professionals of relevant research areas—functional morphology, evo-devo, conservation paleontology, and molecular systematics, among others—to take part in the scientific sessions of the 10th SAPE Meeting. A scientific committee of renowned researchers will review the abstracts to ensure the quality of the scientific sessions.


Málaga is a beautiful city on the Mediterranean coast that enjoys good weather year round. As one of the largest cities in Spain, Málaga has all the amenities necessary to host an international scientific meeting (e.g., international airport, national railway station, huge number of hotels, and exceptional food). This 2800-years-old multicultural city boasts a spectacularly rich cultural heritage, which is reflected in the amount of art museums, archaeological sites, and historical landmarks. A guided-tour of the Málaga old town is planned for all attendants to SAPE 2020.


The near distance to spectacular birding areas will allow to enjoy the Iberian avifauna during the meeting excursions. Besides birding, the attendants to the post-meeting excursion will have the opportunity for hiking along the world-renowned route of “Caminito del Rey”. Previously, a two-day pre-meeting trip to the beautiful town of Cuenca (mid-west of Spain) will be organized to visit the paleontological site of Las Hoyas and the Paleontological Museum, apart from enjoy the fantastic monuments, views and gastronomy.


We extend a warm invitation to everyone to come and participate in the meeting.

Countdown to 10th SAPE meeting